Company Secretarial

Companies House stipulate that certain information about a company should be made freely and readily available. As a result they have created a public record where you can find information about any limited company. This includes the name of the directors, their registered office and even their financial statements. Historically the maintaining of these records fell to the company secretary. However due to changes in legislation, limited companies are no longer obligated to employ a secretary to fulfil their obligations.


Do I need a Company Secretary?

Although it is no longer mandatory to appoint a company secretary, many companies still chose to do so. This is in part down to the high levels of responsibility this job carries, as a failure to maintain accurate records, could result in warnings, fines and even your company being struck off the register. In the absence of a Company Secretary, these responsibilities are passed to the company director.


What Company Secretarial tasks need completing?

• Maintaining accurate records at companies house.
• The completion of statutory forms.
• Filing of the annual confirmation statement.
• Filing of the limited company accounts.
• Making changes to your accounting period.
• Appointing/resigning directors.
• Allocating shares/share transfers.


How can we help?

At J S White & Co limited we understand that employing a company secretary is not always necessary for every business. We also recognise that employing an additional staff member, may not always be feasible for new or small businesses. With that in mind, we have developed a company secretarial service that allows us to cover all of your needs. For more information on this service please contact us 0113 391 9990.